You just can’t give your opponents extra outs in the postseason. It’s true whether you’re playing the top-ranked Tampa Bay Rays in the ALCS — or anyone really. 

The Houston Astros, and their current 0-3 situation, have learned that lesson the hard way. Now they’re one loss away from going home and the Rays are on the cusp of the World Series after a 5-2 win in Game 3.

For the second straight game, a José Altuve throwing error led to a Rays rally that the Astros couldn’t overcome. In Game 2, a bad Altuve throw led to a three-run homer in the first inning. In Game 3, it was even worse.

This time, Altuve misfired a ball to second base in the sixth inning and what followed was a five-run rally Houston never recovered from. Even worse: The Astros were leading at the time, hoping to gain a little footing in this series. That one run actually came off the bat of Altuve in the first inning. But that’s not going to make him feel any better.

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