We’re six weeks into this NFL season. We’ve seen enough so far to start making some broad-strokes judgments, analyses that rely on data rather than gut feelings. And it’s in that spirit that I offer this utterly logical take:

It’s time to fire the entire NFC East into the sun. 

No, I’m serious. Pack ‘em all in. Dallas, Philly, the Giants, Washington — load ‘em up and shoot ‘em into orbit. Forfeit all the rest of their games — it’s not like they were going to win much of them anyway — and give their playoff spot to, I don’t know, Alabama or something. 

This is a division that’s incompetent (New York), infuriating (Washington), indecisive (Phiiladelphia) and incomprehensible (Dallas). New York appears utterly directionless; Washington is just a swampy mess that not even Ron Rivera can clean up; Philadelphia has suffered through decimating injuries; and Dallas clearly lost its heart and soul when it lost Dak Prescott. 

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