Singapore Airlines announced the latest addition to its route network on Wednesday that will bring non-stop flights between Singapore and New York City beginning next month.

The first flight bound for the Big Apple will depart from Singapore on November 9, marking the official return of the city-state’s flag carrier to New York since March 22 when its last flight departed John F. Kennedy International Airport before services were suspended. The airline had suspended services to all US cities except Los Angeles from April. 

It will also mark the first non-stop flight between Singapore and New York City, as the airline’s other non-stop route to the region utilizes Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. 

The 8,287-nautical-mile length of the new route technically earns it the title of “world’s longest flight,” by distance, but that’s now how the airline sees it. A Singapore Airlines spokesperson told Business Insider that SQ21/22, the non-stop flights between Singapore and Newark, will still hold the title in the airline’s book despite being shorter than the New York route by a mere two nautical miles.

Singapore Airlines is holding firm that the launch of New York flights isn’t a resumption of the famed Singapore-Newark flights, — which will return as demand and restrictions dictate — nor will they replace the New York-Frankfurt-Singapore route, which was also suspended earlier this year. These flights are entirely new and even have new flight numbers, SQ23 and SQ24, to match.

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