On Tuesday, Tom Brady made a claim on Instagram that death by suicide has outpaced COVID-19 deaths in the last two months.

PolitiFact, a website dedicated to combating misinformation and run by the Poynter Institute, looked into Brady’s claim and concluded that the statement by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback was false.

“The point is, no matter which recent months you take, COVID-19 has killed far more people than suicide has per month historically,” PolitiFact concluded.

What did Tom Brady claim?

Brady made the claim on an Instagram story. Brady’s post was down after the PolitiFact story was published. Social media users captured screenshots of Brady’s claim.

“More suicide deaths than coronavirus deaths last two months,” Brady wrote. “So wash your hands and wear your masks but don’t forget to be nice to people and look after yourself.”

The statement was accompanied with a stamp reading “Truth” written in large font.

PolitiFact wrote that it reached out to Brady to ask him where he got his information and that he didn’t respond to their request.

Instagram stories are set to expire after they’re published. It’s not clear if Brady intentionally removed the post or if it simply expired as scheduled.

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