On the campaign trail when his wife was seeking the Democratic nomination, Doug Emhoff was the dutiful political spouse. Now, he plans on filling the same role in the White House.

The 56-year-old husband of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is quitting his law practice by Inauguration Day to take on his duties as second gentleman, flipping gender norms at a level the nation has never before seen.

“This gives us a model and it is a fabulous model,” Dartmouth College professor of business administration Ella L.J. Bell Smith told USA TODAY.

“Mr. Harris,” she said, referring to Emhoff, “is totally comfortable stepping back so his wife can show her brilliance, grace, grit and power because he wants her to succeed.”

What’s more, Emhoff, a successful private attorney from a corporate world where white men like him often take the lead, is stepping into a supporting role to the nation’s first Black and South Asian woman vice president.

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