Provincial Education Minister delivered the heated speech on the issue of closing of schools during the cabinet committee meeting. The Cabinet Committee on Anti-Corona discussed the matter of closing of schools and the education minister has the view that the schools are the only place, where you can implement the COVID-19 SOPs properly. He further said that the use of smart lockdown is the better option rather than closing the educational institutes. He said that the parents should put ban on the children to leave their houses unnecessarily. Put Ban on Children to Leave House Unnecessarily Not Close Schools.

Law Minister headed the cabinet meeting on Anti-Corona and it met at the house of Chief Minister to discuss the matter regarding closing of schools. The provincial education minister raised the point to ban the children from going out of the home without any necessary work and they should avoid to visit the shopping malls and parks. He cleared it out that on one side, the schools are closed but on the other side, children go out of the house for sightseeing or they go to shopping malls and parks, then what is the use of closing of schools.

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