LG, one of the world’s leading display makers, has collaborated with Eyesafe to come up with the first TV designed to meet requirements for low emissions of blue light and optimal color performance. For those who don’t know, Eyesafe is a company that prides itself as a leader in low blue light solutions for consumer electronics.

According to the recent announcement, LG is looking to introduce the world’s first TV with an Eyesafe certified display. The display has already received Germany’s TUV Rheinland certification for being safe for the eyes and will be showcased on a 65-inch OLED television at the CES 2021.

LG believes that the new display is coming at a time when there is a good amount of data from around the globe which shows that the time consumers spend in front of a screen – televisions, smartphones, laptops, and other devices is on a rapid rise globally. The coronavirus pandemic induced lockdown has also contributed to the rapid increase.

Since the Eyesafe display standard has been developed in conjunction with over 250 leading ophthalmologists, optometrists, and engineers after conducting and analyzing clinical health and safety research on the impacts of exposure to high-energy blue light, it is the best way to help users keep their eyes safe. As per a recent report by Nielsen, an average user’s screen-time in the US exceeds 13 hours a day.

The new TV is designed to reduce high-energy visible blue light emission peak by providing a more natural color experience as compared to software-only solutions. As far as the cost of the display is concerned, the company has not revealed anything yet.

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