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Could the next big thing be a city built in a very long, narrow line?

Saudi Arabia’s idea sounds cool, but even a “hollow” circular city of this kind makes more logistical sense.

Cities grow based on what people need, like housing close to work or schools.

Saudi Arabia has shared a wild idea to build a city without roads, where 1 million people will live in one long line along a core train track.

Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, said in his Apple-like announcement that no one will live more than a “5-minute walk” from the services and shops they need, and the train line that anchors the line city will take just 20 minutes to travel its entire over 105-mile length.

THE LINE, as bin Salman is calling the ambitious project, will “preserve 95 [percent] of nature … with zero cars, zero streets, and zero carbon emissions,” he said in a press release. The city will be powered by 100 percent clean energy and artificial intelligence, while “an estimated 90 [percent] of available data will be harnessed to enhance infrastructure capabilities far beyond the 1 [percent] typically utilized in existing smart cities.

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