Fox News opinions host Sean Hannity has already reviewed the Biden administration’s first week as “disastrous”, less than two days after President Joe Biden entered office.

On Thursday evening, Mr Hannity opened his show eager to give a review of what the new administration has done in the first week. This included a Fox News chyron declaring “Biden’s disastrous first week”.

But the review came before the president completed his first full day in office. Mr Biden became president at noon on Wednesday.

Critics online were quick to point out Mr Hannity’s rash, though unsurprising, assessment of the Biden administration.

“Joe Biden has been president for 34 hours,” one reporter informed the Fox News’ pundit.

“I guess that according to Sean Hannity, one of Biden’s executive orders was to reduce the length of the week to a day and a half,” another person wrote.

It was expected that Mr Hannity, a longtime Trump supporter who spread baseless theories that there was massive voter fraud in the 2020 election, would take this stance against the incoming administration.

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