The Firm has come forth to defend itself after it was reported that Buckingham Palace prohibited members of ethnic minorities as well as foreigners from holding office jobs in Queen Elizabeth II’s household.

A spokesperson for the Palace issued a statement to E! News and said that documents from decades ago should not depict the operations of the royal fold in the present time.

“Claims based on a second-hand account of conversations from over 50 years ago should not be used to draw or infer conclusions about modern day events or operations,” said the rep.

“The principles of Crown Application and Crown Consent are long established and widely known,” they added.

The Guardian revealed through the unearthed documents that members of ethnic minorities were barred from working for Her Majesty and remain exempt till this day from UK laws that prevent race and sex discrimination.

The portal also reported that the newly-discovered documents also revealed that the Buckingham Palace negotiated with government officials in 1970s to include clauses that would exempt the Firm from laws preventing race and sex discrimination. It was also added that even till this day, the clauses bar the monarch’s employees from suing the Palace for alleged discrimination at work.

The news was broken only two months after Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle accused the royal family of being racist towards the former actor—whose mother is African American—over a year after they announced their shocking exit from the family.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex told Oprah Winfrey in March that concerns were raised regarding their then-unborn son Archie’s skin colour due to Meghan being mixed race. The claims sent shockwaves down the globe and resulted in an uproar against the royals—who denied being racist in statements after the interview.

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